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Special Needs Dentist
Plainfield, IL

Plainfield Pediatric Dentistry welcomes any child with special needs. We are here for you and understand that dental appointments can be challenging for both the parent and your child with special needs. We strive to implement a unique approach, specialized for your child and their dental needs while keeping them safe in a stress free environment. 

We treat those with, but not limited to: Autism Spectrum Disorder, Down’s Syndrome, Behavioral Disorders, Mental Disabilities, and Physical Disabilities. 

Our goal is to help show you and your special needs child that the dentist is a fun and positive place to be and we will work closely with you to assure that we can deliver any and all of your child’s treatment needs in the utmost friendly environment. 

As a caregiver of a special needs child, you likely already know how challenging daily dental hygiene can be for your loved one. This leaves your child at an increased risk of developing cavities, gum disease, and other issues, which makes keeping up with their checkups and cleanings even more essential. Be sure to bring your child into our office at least twice every year so that we can catch problems as early as possible and remove calcified plaque from their teeth.

Sedation Dental Options Available

Nitrous Oxide

Nitrous Oxide “laughing gas” is one of the safest sedatives in dentistry. It is well tolerated, has a rapid onset, is reversible, and can be adjusted as necessary.  Nitrous helps to reduce anxiety and/or helps reduce pain tolerance if your child is feeling nervous or uneasy about the visit. Your child is conscious throughout use and will be capable of responding to simple questions or requests. At the end of treatment, the nitrous oxide is flushed out of the system with the use of oxygen and your child will leave alert and well, with no lingering effects. Nitrous helps make the time pass quickly for our young children and those needing a little extra help getting through the visit. 

General Anesthesia

General Anesthesia is a controlled state of unconsciousness that helps eliminate awareness, movement, and discomfort during a dental treatment. General Anesthesia is performed by a licensed anesthesiologist and indicated for children unable to cooperate in a traditional dental setting, those needing extensive restorative or surgical treatment, and those with special health care needs.  This can be performed in the comfort of our office or AMITA Health Surgery Center located in Joliet, IL.